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Hallo Michi:
I was just thinking about my year with Pele and thought I'd share with you!
Pele has the most outstanding, wonderful temperment - I thank you every day!
Pele loves to learn and be engaged in any activity. He especially enjoys the connection with me in training if he hears how happy I am. It is not the treat or the reward or the toy he wants - he wants to hear the joy and pleasure of my praise.
He wants to be a partner.
Pele is very powerful dog. He has had some time of pacing (two feet on one side moving together) but now he is getting into his body and is finding his stride easier and flowing in movement.
Pele is becoming a bit of a guard dog. He thinks it is his responsibility to watch the house at night.
And although he is friendly with all people who come to the house - if I am not here - he isn't sure a stranger should come in the house. It makes me feel safer in the house.
Pele has such a sweet and handsome face - the expression is soft yet alert, intelligent and gentle,
and always ready to have fun.
Pele is very big....what can I say. I do think I would shrink the big guy just a little so he fits better on the couch....

We have some very big plans for 2013. This year has been alot of basics training and learning to work seriously together. 2013 I will FINALLY register him with American Kennel Club so we can do trials and do some fun stuff.
He is maturing into a very nice boy but unless rules change regarding the tail - he will likely not be a show dog which is fine. For me it is more important to let the world know that OES are excellent performance dogs.
Pele has such a lovely stable temperment - I can take him anywhere and he is friendly and confident and ready to work -
a true delight.
I think MAYBE in a couple years - Pele might become a therapy dog. I think he'd be good at it but not until I have time to dedicate to visits. Right now - too much time with sheep and goats.
Thank you again for allowing him to come to the US!  He is a sweetheart.
Judy & Pele